Monday 27 May 2013

ADF Deployment issues: MapProxyServlet Not Found not found…

I cannot give you guys an exact fix for this, but what I did to make the application run, it works

So in my application, I went to my Project Properties

Clicked on Deployment, selected the Deployment plan, and clicked edit.

Click on edit, and then go to the File Groups -> WEB-INF/lib -> Contributors

Then I selected all the ADF Libraries that were not selected in the application by default and clicked ok.

Once that was completed I redeployed the application with no errors.

ADF Deployment issues: Unresolved WebApp library

ADF Deployment issues: Unresolved WebApp library references defined in weblogic.xml

I was trying to deploy from JDEV Version "Oracle IDE -" onto Oracle Weblogic Server, with ADR extensions.

The problem was that there was no correct deployment on the server, we needed jsf(2.0, while we had jsf 1.2.

Fix: On your Weblogic server “http://localhost:7101/console” click on deployments and install.
Deployment, install
 Note: if you have any jsf deployment currently, you will have to delete that deployment

After you have done that go to your {Weblogic server path}/common/deployable-libraries. Then click on jsf-2.0.war and go through the processes of installing, ie: click next
Once this process is done, the error should be resolved