Wednesday 18 September 2013

Cloud - The other side of it

Cloud - The other side of it.

In response to Tanya Langbein: Oracle’s Virtual Tenancy Model Will Help Us!

As Tanya said the one big thing with the cloud is the security aspect of it, all organizations have got operational data that is mission critical. Organizations thus are very skeptical to move their critical data to cloud, as a result of this mission critical data being somewhere out there.

This ability to access your data from anywhere in the world, is somewhat advantageous to an organization. A CIO can access any information from anywhere around the world with only a computer or smart-device and an internet Connection.

Although knowing that this "Sensitive" data is out there exposed online. I can see why people are worrying about the security around this data. Thus opting out from going towards cloud.

When you start using cloud you are not only exposing your companies private data to the internet but you are also giving this data to someone else who for all you know may go and take your information and abuse it without your knowledge.

In essence you are putting your Organization’s Profit Making Ability and Operational Data into the palm of some complete strangers hand. Ignoring any  Legal Obligations or Legally binding Contracts (lets be real, there are a few people around the world that don't really worry about that) you can say your data is "out of your control". There have been a few cases of this in the past few months, where large organizations lost data to employees giving said data to the public.

Having this thought in the back of your mind, you may be wondering why people migrate their data to the cloud; maybe its from a point of convenience or simplicity, or that the organization may not have the infrastructure or the skills required to maintain their own infrastructure or cloud service.

The thing about cloud, is if done through the right mediums,it can have greater security than if you were to implement it. Organizations that host cloud services generally have knowledgeable security teams. These teams work endlessly making sure their cloud services have the best known security measures.

So this went from a one paragraph response to this.


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