Wednesday 11 September 2013

JDeveloper Basics - Resetting Integrated Weblogic Server

JDeveloper Basics - Resetting Integrated Weblogic Server

Have you every had a problem with JDevelopers Integrated Weblogic Server, or just want to reset your Integrated Weblogic Server. This is the guide for you.

Many Guides say you need to delete your whole "system11." / "system" folder. That makes you loose all your JDeveloper settings. Rather than doing that, go into your JDeveloper system folder, and delete the folder "DefaultDomain"


Go to

This can be in two places namely run: 
Windows + r

or in the address bar within windows explorer.


You can:
cd ~/.jdeveloper/


Once you are int hat folder, and you have multiple JDevelopers installed, you must go into the folder that is "system" + JDeveloper Version. (You can find that out in my previous post.

Go into that folder, and delete the DefaultDomain Folder.


This will not work if you are currently running JDeveloper


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