Wednesday 23 October 2013

ADF - Tree Table Display Field

ADF - Tree Table Display Specific Field

If you need to display a certain field in within a tree Component, but are not wanting to display that attribute, this will help you to display.
Unclean Display
Clean Display

if you only want to display one Attribute, you can follow these steps.

Firstly you need to click on the tree, and take note of what attributes you want to display.
Country Display Attribute
For this Tree level we want to display the Country Name -> "CountryName"
Location Display Attributes
For the second level of the tree, we want to display the Province -> "StateProvince"

Once you have gotten that, you must go to the page, and select the tree you want to display.
Change the Output text Value from #{node} to #{node.CountryName}
Output Text Value Selection and Change
Add a Output Text to the Node Stamp, this can either be done using the component Palette or By Coping and Pasting the Current Output Text.

Once that has been done, select and change that value to "#{node.StateProvince}"

The reason this works is because when there is no country there will be nothing in that Output Text.

If you get an error while doing this, you can change the rendered Value to 
#{node.StateProvince eq null?"false":"true"}

Enjoy ;)


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