Friday 18 October 2013

JDeveloper: Making the most of your IDE, External Applications

External Application

I had this issue of when I am working on my projects I either get lazy and don't want to navigate to where the application is, or I need to edit a file outside of JDeveloper.

JDeveloper has built in functionality to allow us to execute external application. This is how to do it.

Step 1: Click on tools and then External Tools
Step 2: Click on Find Tools
 If you are happy with just those Tools then proceed to step 9. If you want to include an external tool, then you can continue to step 4.

Adding a "External Tool Manually"

Step 4: Click on new after that, a popup screen will be displayed.
Step 4: Keep the Tool Type as External Program, and click next.
Step 5: Browse to the application you want, in "Program Executable", in the "arguments"choose insert, all the rest should be inserted automatically.
Step 4 and 5

Macro, Argument
Step 6: Choose for yourself, what you want to name the shortcut and add a ToolTip.
Viewing Names

Step 7: The next step, you will be selecting where the application will be displayed.
Shortcut Location
 Step 8: Once you have completed the location settings, you choose under what conditions your shortcut will be displayed / enabled. Once you have done this, click Finish.
Display Criteria
Step 9: Save Changes, and click Ok.


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