Monday 4 November 2013

iFactory Consulting End of the Year Present!

iFactory Consulting's amazing end of the year present.

So over the weekend we had our end of the year Function, and it was amazing.

It was located at River Place

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iFactory Year End Invitation
The day started with the whole team socializing, with people catching up from the year and reflecting with each other how the year went.

Lunch was introduced with a couple of speeches; from the execs getting presents, to the iFactorian of the year. With third place being a tie between Arno and Charmaine, Second place to the well deserving, Kevin. First to one of the nicest people I have ever met ,Michelle, who when her name was mentioned was out of breath and speechless. It was really amazing to see some of the hardest working people I know, get what they deserve.

iFactory gave us 1TB hard drives, they were wrapped really nicely all in iFactory gear. It made me feel really special as they not only gave us something we need, being IT people, they gave us something I needed, as not 3 months ago, mine crashed so I really appreciate this.

So to all the people at iFactory Consulting may you all have a wonderful year ahead and thank you so much for the past year, I had a really enjoyable ride. Some tough times, but hey what year has gone by without one hard time. Thank you to the leadership team of iFactory you guys are amazing and an inspiration, and to everyone that works for them, my colleagues and friends you guys are amazing to see, and amazing to work with, some people I really look up towards, not only helping everyone where needed, but also helping me when needed.


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