Wednesday 15 January 2014

Windows: Setting Up Oracle XEr2 Windows 8.1

Step by step Guide to install Oracle XE on Windows 8.

I Will be assuming you have the installer and have Extracted it.

Note this is a fairly Standard Install,

Step 1:
Run the install, it will extract, decompress the install Files and then prepare for the install

Step 2:
Welcome Page, Click Next

Step 3:
Accept License Agreement

Browse where you want to install Oracle XE.
If you want you can change the install Path.

Step 4:
Enter SYSDBA password

I usually Make this “sys” as I don’t use the Database for anything other than Dev.

Click Next

Step 5:
Summary and Click Install.

The Biggest things to take note of are the ports:
Port for 'Oracle Database Listener': 1521
Port for 'Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server': 2030
Port for 'Oracle HTTP Listener': 8080

The two Most Important are Port 1521 and 8080.

Step 6:
Installing Process:

Note there may be errors if they are:


You can ignore them. They will not affect any part of the database.        

Well Done, the database will be configuring itself. (This may take a while)

Enjoy your new install of Oracle XE


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