Friday 31 January 2014

Want to waste some time?

So today I was browsing the interwebs and I found a few awesome links, that I think everyone should take a look at.

They are not so much read based websites, but rather something to give you visual stimulation.

I think everyone should spend some time looking at them. They are really awesome, and if you are into web development I think you should also take some time and look at the code.

I really like fish, thus one of the sites that really got my attention was  an Aquarium it has a really awesome feeling to it, where you can control things like how many fish there are, I must have spent a good 5 – 10 Minutes watching the fish go by. Something I thought you may find interesting about Fish and watching fish.
Watching fish is thought to stimulate serotonin neurotransmitters in the brain leading to increasing production of endorphins. Endorphins are our body's natural ‘feel good' hormones and produce a feeling of happiness. These hormones also reduce anxiety, having a calming effect on the body and a range of other health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, and reducing hyperactivity.

Hope you enjoy.


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