Monday 3 February 2014

Google Analytics Alternative

Ok so I know many people, including myself, love Google Analytic's but what happens if for some reason, you need to hold a local server, or you are hosting an internal website that does not have internet access and thus you cannot user Google Analytic's.

There is a really good solution that I have used at a client. The server we were tracking did not have internet access. So we set up a VM that hosted this server.

Piwik is an awesome alternative for Google Analytic's, it may not offer as much variety as Google Analytic's but allows for local hosting and can be used for multiple sites. Piwik is for functional values just as good as Google Analytic's.

The Dashboard that they show as the demo, is the screen shot below. I really like the looks of it. What you can also do is create your own dashboard this allows for user customization.

There is also a way to get the widgets from links and then what you can do is you can incorporate the widgets into your website.

A Nice replacement for Google Analytics.


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