Friday 7 February 2014

Take on The Office

The Office

Companies spend so much money and time building an office space, but people don't go their to get work done, they go to the office to make their employees happy, to show they are doing something (To make their managers happy). People that go to the office, spend their time, trying to get time to work. They are not spending their time in the office working, but rather spending a few moments on the tasks at hand. Problems at hand are not really solved in the office but solved in a space of the individuals choosing, wither it be in the car, on a plane, or at home by the TV or in the Kitchen.

Once you step outside the office you get the time to solve these real issues. The day has been broken down into somewhat of an obstacle, where you are gathering moments in the day trying to get through some tasks. Inside the office, someone cannot really work efficiently, as soon as momentum is gained, something happens to stop it, halt.

The office in an environment of distraction and collaboration, a space most people cannot get work done. Offices and this environment may purposely fit for the general working, office clerk, but once you get into the industry I am in, where we need to really think about a problem or issue at hand. The creative juices up inside cannot start flowing until one really sits down and just has more than an hour or two to themselves. When in the office, how often do you have the hours to your self where you can really get that creativity poring out the crevices.

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