Thursday 1 May 2014

Setting Up a Virtual Machine for Linux x64

Setting Up a Virtual Machine for Linux x64

I am going to demonstrate to you how to prep your Oracle Virtual Box.

You can download VirtualBox From:

Create a new Virtual Machine

Allocate the amount of RAM Machine Will Have

Choose Create new Virtual HDD Now
Select HDD Type: I would use VDI, but it is up to you

Select Dynamically Allocated: (This basically means the Virtual Drive will expand, as needed, until full size)

Choose Size and Location

Once you have done that, select your Virtual Machine and Press
Ctrl + S

Once there go into System -> Processor and allocate number of CPU's I would recommend using more than one!
If you want you can also add the machine to your network:

Now that you have done this, you have a basic working Virtual Machine.

I would recommend adding more Video Memory but this is not a Must.


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