Monday 26 May 2014

Web Response

Web Response Time

Harping on the response time of a web application.

Something for us to think about.

A user wants to feel like they are manipulating the system, they want to feel the response, they want to control what is happening. Make sure user actions on a application take under 0.1 Second to register and respond to the server.

When the user does something that they expect the system to process or do something with the information the response time is upped to 0.2-1.0 Second. This lets the user feel like the system is working on the command.

Although the upper limit of the users attention is about 10 seconds, and yes roughly estimated, as each user is different, but after those precious seconds the user has lost concentration with what they were doing and is most likely to move along to the next task at hand.


Wait what?

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