Monday 19 August 2013

ADF - JDeveloper Tuning - Application Module

In this post I will be Discussing the difference between Application Modules Lazy Loading and Non-Lazy Loading,  using JDeveloper before project start. 
This is a general Tuning guide, specifically used for when creating a new Project.

The discussion will help you Tune your ADF application from the word go.

Firstly we need to go to JDevelopers preferences. This can be done by going to tools -> Preferences

Once that is completed you can choose two ADF Tuning tips.
Firstly Application Modules Tuning:
The default for Application Modules is Non-Lazy Loading. This means that when a Business Component is loaded, all child components are filtered as well, thus extra page load time.
This load time might only be a few milliseconds per Entity, but when you have a few more than one Entity, they add up, and users can quickly get despondent and or feel the page has broken and close the page. This is ultimately not what we want.

Thus in order to fix this we use the Lazy Loading which takes this initial Page load away.

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