Wednesday 28 August 2013

JDeveloper MEMORY

Today my JDeveloper gave me an error, and said it had Low Memory.
This happens when there are many objects in memory.

To fix this error you have to edit JDevelopers "ide.conf" file. This can be found in
{Middleware Path}\jdeveloper\ide\bin
  Once in there you can find the command that says:
AddVMOption  -Xmx
and then change from the default value to
AddVMOption  -Xmx1024M
or Any value, the comments in the file says
something greater, like 1024M or 1250M
This should sort your problem out and if not, you can add more.

In Linux you can find the file by running
find ./ -iname ide.conf

sudo find ./ -iname ide.conf


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