Friday 30 August 2013

JDeveloper Basics - Extension Download

JDeveloper Basics - Extension Download from Oracle Website for Future use.

If you are like me, and like to have everything I download, or don't have a very fast internet connection, and your whole company needs a package, ie: SOA or Webcenter?

This is how to download the file from Oracle.
Go to About.
You can see how to do this here.
or {Help > About}

Once there click on the second tab,

Click on the row and copy it.

Oracle IDE
What you need is the
Then google for
jdeveloper download extensions {IDE Version}
You should get a result from oracle pages
or something to that extent.
If you dont find anything, decrease the versions.
As oracle uses min max values for their downloads.

Once there, search on the page for extension you want. ie: Extension SDK.
Once you have found that
Look for your version

Note: You might have to look between
oracle.jdeveloper (min= xxx , max= yyy ) 
X and Y


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