Thursday 22 August 2013

ADF - JDeveloper Tuning - View Objects

In this post I will be Discussing the how to optimize your ADF View Objects,  using JDeveloper before project start. (I will only be discussing View Objects fetching rows in Batches of)
This is a general Tuning guide, specifically used for when creating a new Project.

The discussion will help you Tune your ADF application from the word go.

Firstly we need to go to JDevelopers preferences. This can be done by going to tools -> Preferences

The defaults for a view object are:
The Rows are fetched in batches of one, and only when needed.
Thus if there are many Rows that need to be collected, this will be heavy on both the network and the Framework. This is due to ADF fetching each new ROW, rather than fetching 5 or 10 at any time. Although, when setting 5 or 10 at a time, this could use to much, depending on the use case.
In my case I like to set 10 at a time as in most cases, this is the most appropriate, although I have had cases of needing more, and less. SO before just jumping to decisions, thing about what your client wants.

Below is a screen shot of my Default Settings.

When Tuning View Objects before you start your application, I would recommend understanding what your business needs are before setting the Values.

A use case of needing to fetch more than 10 in a batch:
I have a client that needs a user to view every row in the DB on load and I know there will always be more than 50 Rows to display, thus for that View Object I set 50 Rows.

Note: At a later stage I will be displaying the results on server side.

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